IBM | Education & LMS MVP hybrid

The IBM Co-Marketing Advisor badge is a complex e-learning tool, a hybrid between a learning module and a CMS application. It also has functionalities from a DMS application.

Its biggest feature is that you can edit the content on the fly and publish it immediately. This CMS feature, combined with a DMS draft management and also a users management module, transforms the education into a stand alone application that can always stay up-to-date.

Project effort

05 months
32 lessons
31 pop quizzes
01 assessment test


Carbon Design System
IBM Design Language





Because time management is always in the forefront of the Co-Marketing team community, the cards were customized to reveal more information. They show how many lessons are completed within a chapter and where the user is in the process.

Its a step-by-step progress-only education, so you got to finish the current chapter to unlock the next one. That's why revealing a lot of information up front was a good usability decision.

It is worth mentioning that navigation was improved by adding the possibility to go back to the previous level, not only to the previous lesson. This means that you can use the bottom navigation to go through the whole education.

Due to the nature of the project, each lesson has a metaphorically strong lead space. The need for a better integration of the lead space into the grid and into the content was a vector for change. Lead spaces were customized by adding 8 2x column visual markers that followed the grid.

There is a full page dedicated to this here.

Results & feedback

NPS score: 84
55 promoters
05 passives
03 detractors